Our quality policy; scrupulously obeying the laws and regulations and without compromising that society, showing the sensitivity of the natural environment and being useful to humanity, to meet the needs and expectations of our customers to produce quality and safe products.

With wide range and high quality  of products Ekip Mühendislik A.Ş has been successful to enter the leading companies' classification in the sector.

Targeting the customer satisfaction in principle, our company manufactures turn-key plants and equipments for paint, polyester, oil, textile and various chemical industries complying with TSE and CE standarts.

The principles being the basis of our policy for this sector to be served are listed below;

  • meet the customer expectations just in time and in required condition
  • let our customer be informed about our products by sending techinical documents and with explanation in detail
  • deliver the orders  just in time and in good condition.
  • choose right products demanded by customers and not allow any rejection of products due to wrong specifications.
  • sectoral leadership and support the designing and development activities to achieve customer expectation.
  • Quickly and correctly perform the production, fulfill the warranty condition of the products without putting the customer in a difficult situation
  • establish good and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and ensure the satisfaction of customers with best quality products
  • not only satisfied by maintaining current situation, manufacturing, our staff, our supplier but also identify each steps of continuous improvement.

I strongly believe that all of our staff will work with confidence and loyalty in direction of these principles. The direct way to reach to our targets is to perform the necessities of team work and team spirit.