Reactor units we manufacture are being  used in various chemical processes in which liquid and solid materials (alkyd, TiO2, polyester, glue etc.) are mixed with a special impeller, also incorporate heating/cooling systems that ensure the process temperature which is required for a homogenized reaction taken place.

Reactor units are being manufactured according to the customer's demand in capacities ranging from 1 to 50 m3.





  • Design and manufacturing according to the International Standards
  • Guarantee of high quality and durability.
  • Certificated stainless steel materials as to be AISI 304, 316, 316L, 316Tİ qualities.
  • Heating/cooling with jacked or half pipe coil on outer sidewall or inside mounted serpentine built by seamless pipe.
  • Up to 16 bar and 300°C temparature resistance.
  • Specially designed impeller for various product types and foam breaker.
  • High sensitive weighing with loadcells.
  • Working in hazardous zones with ATEX equipments.
  • Speed control with frequency inverter.
  • Packing seals or mechanical seals with thermosyphon cooling unit.


Vertical Column

Vertical column directs the solvent-water mixture being evaporated by chemical reaction which takes place in the reactor, into the reactor vessel. Condensation is formed by cooling water inside the vertical column.



Solvent vapour rising from reactor vessel enters into condenser unit by passing through the vertical column which is built in tubular manner. Solvent is condensed completely by means of cooling and then collected in decanter. Surface area of cooling is calculated depending on system requirements.



Solvent-water mixture which is condensed as going through the condenser  is collected in the decanter. Because of density differences, solvent resides at the top of decanter. Floating solvent layer is redirected into the reactor . The flow  can be observed through the sight glass.