Scrubbers absorb and  filter out  the hazardous gases, dust and particles arising from processes before releasing  into the atmospher.


Scrubber system consists of;


  • exhaust fan
  • spray tunnel
  • reservoir of rinsing
  • high pressure pump
  • dosing and control unit of chemical agent.


The process gases to be absorbed would be water-soluable poisonous gases or acids ( like HCl), ammonia, ethylene glycol, formaldehide, sulfurous compounds and carbondioxide.

All of these are filter out effectively from incoming air and for neutralization of the gaseous compound, a suitable chemical agent is sprayed toward incoming  air . By this way, all the gases and particles are eleminated before realising it into the atmospher. The reservoir of rinsing is replenished automatically with chemical agent and water to compansate the concentration drop resulting from evaporation.




  • high absorbtion performance and high quality manufacturing
  • corrosion resistant materials AISI 304, 3106, 316L
  • easy maintenance and installation
  • dosing and pH control equipments for replenishing
  • stainless stell high pressure pump
  • design and manufacturing according to the international standards