A direct attack method (silicon dioxide + caustic soda) and sodium silicate production plant

Production Method: Silica's, is based on the reaction under heat and pressure with sodium hydroxide. This is called alkali silicate. The name of the method of "direct attack" is.          


B Soda glass production (sodium carbonate + silicon dioxide melting) and the solubilization of these products with production facilities Sodium Silicate


Production Method: dissolve the crystals of silica to soda with soda glass particles made based on the solubilization of substantially water under heat and pressure. This is called "Neutral silicate" is called.

C. Sodium Meta Silicate, Penta Hydrate, Anhydrous Sodium silicate and amorphous silica production facilities


Powdered anhydrous sodium meta-silicate and sodium meta-silicate containing crystalline water, silicate one integrated product. Amorphous silica is also obtained from the sulfuric acid with sodium silicate.


D Potassium Silicate (K2SiO3) manufacturing plants

Potassium silicate üretilir.üret stage from potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide reacts with the silicon dioxide similar to sodium silicate.

As used sodium silicate used in all areas. Due to the different features and advantages are used in other areas.

Potassium silicate reinforced concrete hydro hydrofluoric acid (HF) is excluded resistant to acid and all other concentrations.

Potassium silicate-based paints, the binder is not essential as compared to other types of paint adhesion and fusion occurs according to principles. For this and other reasons, silicate paints is very important. Please refer to the paint and LAPONITE BEECK.


Liquid products can be used without being filtered or

For silicate MODULE:% SiO2 / Na2O ratio. From 0.4 to 4.0.

Practice is between 1.6 to 3.2, 1.1 d for sodium meta-silicate


The solution Na2O molar ratio of SiO2 H2O gravity: g / cm3                                                                                      


Neutral 38Bé 3. 25.85 7.85 66.3 1.37

Neutral 40Bé 3. 27.25 8.25 64.5 1.38

Alkaline 38Bé 1.8-2.2 21.1 10.6 68.3 1.36

Alkaline 40Bé 1.8-2.2 22.4 11.2 66.4 1.38

Alkaline 50Bé 1.8-2.2 29.1 14.6 56.3 1.53

Alkaline 60Bé 1.8-2.2 36.7 18.3 45. 1.71



Consider two parts I

  1. Silicate as a raw material in the production of integrated products

  2. Visual function in functional products that enter

a- sodium silicate as a raw material: Amorphous Silica is the main substance of production

Amorphous silica, rubber, wire is used as a filler in the production of shoe soles.
Amorphous Silica adds durability and strength.

Sodium silicate is sodium aluminum silicate and other silicate intermediates.

Sodium aluminum silicates, dyes used in food production and other important

Sodium silicate mixtures b- enters the structure, compositions, and wherein the functional tasks:

1 - Detergent and soap industry: Removal feature is an alkali is very good. It protects the fiber and metallic surfaces are not corrosive. Up to 24% of all detergent tower powder is sodium silicate. "In the dry spray process allows the formation of very fine granules. It is a good filler.

Dishwasher is an important input into the powder detergent and soap.

2 -  Ceramic industry: used as deflocculants fluidity and slip eder.ür to provide high rigidity.  


3 - Textiles: control of peroxide and water in the finishing process, iron, manganese, heavy metals assure the balance


4 - Cement and building production: Gives hardness of concrete. Acid and makes fire-resistant, 


5 - Refractory material and casting production: refractory material provides strength and durability verir.dök mold to slip against acid with excellent strength


6 - Pulp, paper production: Convert more whitening with peroxide,     


7 - In cardboard and packaging production: Paste feature provides durability and economy


8 - In Oil production drilling: Control the swelling of soft rock, corrosion

     and emulsion formation as a preventive


9 - Pelletizing and briquetting, production: As glue


10- Kaynak elektrotu üretimi :  elektrotun yüzeyi kaplanır., kaynak işleminde  iyi yapışma ve akıcılık  sağlar.

11 - Antifreeze production of 

12 - Agriculture, te / in soilless plant production

13 - In the manufacture of paints and protective and decorative plating 

14 - Corrosion inhibitor used in an infinite number of consumer and other areas in wastewater treatment