Hot Oil Boiler manufactured by EKİP are employed in many industries (e.g. leather, paper, textiles, food, chemicals..)  requiring high temperatures for their processes instead of steam boiler as an alternative.

They are manufactured in standard capacities between 250.000 kCal/h and 5.000.000 kCal/h. in 8 different  standard sizes.


  • design and manufacturing to the international standards.

  • guarantee of high quality and durability.

  • Heat transfer oil ensures long life

  • ST 37 quality certified materials. Serpentine quality certified steel pipes ST 35.8

  • 250,000 to 5,000,000 kcal/h  of capacity

  • natural gas, LPG and fuel oil  options.

  • 0 - 10 bar pressure and 0 - 300ºC temperature resistance

  • automatic control equipments for temperature, pressure and oil level

  • PLC automation options

  • no risk of burning oil because of being built as closed system with  nitrogen.

  • refractory tiles interior, with rock wool insulation on the outer side