Thin Film Evaporators

Thin Film Evaporator (TFE)

Thin Film Evaporators(TFE) enable the separation of volatile components from liquid products which pass through the cylinder by means of indirect heat transfer and mechanical stirring. TFE presents professional  solutions in  the most difficult separation processes. TFE's consist of a rotor which is mounted in the evaporation cylinder.



  • Short operation time thanks to being sensitive to the temperature.
  • Prevent deterioration of product thanks to the single pass.
  • Minimize building up of layer on the surface of heat transfer by means of stirring the liquid film homogenously.
  • 1 mBar of operation pressure.
  • 400°C of operation temperature.


  • Vacuumed distilation of fragile chemicals, glycols, waste oils, fatty acids and derivatives, amins and esters.
  • in the process of oleo resins and glycerins.
  • densification of producs which are prone to foaming.