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The Reactors Units we produce are mixed with special mixing blades, which are loaded in different stages of the reaction, especially in the chemical industry, by being subjected to heating or cooling process, Batch Reactor, Chemical Reactor, under a mixture of pressure or vacuum at a certain temperature, under certain temperatures. are the systems where it is provided.Stainless Steel Chemical Reactor

Reactor Units, 1-50 m³ depending on the purpose and place of use. It is produced between the capacities and at the request of the customer. Stainless Steel Chemical Reactor

• Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

• High quality and long life guarantee

• AISI 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti quality and certified stainless steel material

• Heating and cooling from jacket or half pipe coil in outer body and pull pipe coil in inner part

• 16 bar pressure and 300 ° C temperature resistance

• Mixer blades specially designed for the product, with wave breaker or foam breaker

• ATEX applications in hazardous areas

• Speed ​​control option with inverter

• Accurate weighing with Loadcell

• Thermosiphon cooled mechanical seal or soft seal.

Chemical Reactor

The chemical reactor, which has an impeccable performance and working capacity, helps this process to run smoothly from start to finish. The use of such products and methods in chemistry-based studies and chemical engineering projects shows itself as a very great necessity. Chemical reactions are among the necessary interactions in the field of industry. In order for such reactions to take place in a healthy way, the safe products carefully prepared by our company will help you.

Very important systems that complement each other come together and thus a chemical reactor emerges, products and applications that support the reaction and bring innovative projects to the forefront provide a great support to industrial Deceleration. Thanks to our high quality and designs in accordance with world standards, our products are among the most reliable products in this field. our products, which withstand a temperature of 300 degrees and a pressure of 16 Bar, are reliably used in many sectors.

Types of Chemical Reactors

It is very important that chemical reactors are carried out in a healthy and safe environment. The chemical reactor, on the other hand, has come across as quality elements produced for use in this field. Safe environments are very necessary to be able to boldly carry out chemical reactions and reactions. Types of chemical reactors that have appeared in a wide category;

  • Continuous reactor products
  • Semi-discrete reactor models
  • Types of batch reactors
  • Types of catalytic reactors
  • Models of non-catalytic reactors
  • Heterogeneous reactors
  • Homogeneous reactors

It manifests itself in the form and provides people with conveniences. Thanks to the long-lasting use and high quality guarantee, our products have to give confidence to many sectors. In all branches where chemical reactions and reactions are necessary, the preferences of experts and the recommendations of our company will produce a very good solution.

Chemical Reactor Manufacturing

While manufacturing chemical reactors very carefully, a high-strength production approach comes across with the use of serpentine. While the formation of high pressures from the inside out is inevitable, a durability that will solve and meet this pressure in the best way emerges. The product samples that provide control support together with the inverter have been tried in every respect and have provided convenience to people with their usage performance. In heavy industry studies, such materials are used within the research and development department and research is followed up. 

The use of chemical reactors has supported industrial development for many years. Especially in production and development planning, it is always necessary to keep the material quality ahead. Very important production projects are underway for a large number of different sectors that need reactors. In the studies carried out in accordance with the product quality, the guidance of experts creates a good result. Product development methods in different sectors make a very important contribution to people and businesses.

Types of Chemical Reactors

The product samples we have given sequentially about the reactor types have been presented for people's evaluation. In the process of a chemical reactor, both people and the production area should not be harmed. Here, the types of chemical reactors that will eliminate the damage and eliminate the risks have emerged with the understanding of special raw materials and special production. In the necessary chemical activities, it is necessary to choose materials that are resistant to materials and chemical elements. While each product is carefully selected, the result of this selection is to work in healthier conditions.

Scientific studies that support the continuation of the industrial revolution make life more livable. With the integration of very robust materials and perfect design, it is possible to get help from samples that meet expectations very quickly. Many companies should have the technology that undertakes the reactor task. This kind of technology is always helping people more. We continue to help companies that need different sizes and sizes of products.