Mr. EKİP Engineering Contracting Construction Chemical Industry and Trade Inc., in order to manufacture the process equipment used in the paint and chemical industry, Mr. It was founded by Sakup HASGÜL in 1997 in Kurtköy.  

 Ekip Mühendislik A.Ş., which aims to establish turn-key plants that produce all kinds of paints and chemicals, has added hot oil boilers and filling machines to its product portfolio in the coming years. In 2005, the German manufacturer of refill valves took WIPP Armaturen Turkey distributor of the company.

  Today Ekip Mühendislik A.Ş. and chemical plants, as well as carries the pride of being Turkey's largest manufacturer of process equipment in the field of manufacturing and dignity.


EKİP MÜHENDİSLİK, which has been providing quality products and services and customer satisfaction at the forefront at home and abroad since the day it was established, continues its production in its facilities established on an indoor and outdoor area of ​​5,000 m² in Gebze, Kocaeli. Our company has adopted the principle of manufacturing at international standards and carrying out its activities in compliance with laws and regulations without compromising the basic principles of engineering.

As a team with its engineers, technicians, technicians and masters, who are experts in their profession, EKIP ENGINEERING has been working with great faith and determination to add success to its success every day.

Our country is contributing to the industry, which has gained a corporate identity and globalized ENGINEERING TEAM, is aware of its responsibilities towards Turkey and the world.



  •  Ekip Mühendislik Taahhüt İnşaat Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. As;  
  • Starting from raw materials and delivering units and facilities to the customer, we apply quality standards at every stage of production; to ensure customer satisfaction,  
  • Within the framework of quality systems, to increase the level of quality by constantly improving the level of quality by giving importance to team work so that all employees become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level,  

  • To establish quality awareness in all employees,  

  • To be in trust-based cooperation with customers and suppliers,  

  • To produce the most appropriate, most accurate and economical solutions in the fastest way to prevent any incompatibilities that may arise later,

  •  Completing every project started on time, with the highest level techniques, in the desired quality and within the budget limits,  

  • It undertakes to put its products on the market in accordance with national and international standards and legal conditions.

     General manager


    01 Ocak 2019 /Rev.01

The vision of Ekip Mühendislik is to provide continuously developing services and products to the society without sacrificing quality and trust.

Our company, which believes that it has social responsibilities towards its customers, employees, society and the world, aims to be a world company that is open to innovation and developments and contributes to the national economy.

EKIP ENGINEERING CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. Inc. It is to carry out its works profitably in accordance with the international criteria, applicable legislation, specifications and standards, without considering the environmentally sensitive occupational health and safety conditions within the prescribed period.

EKIP ENGINEERING CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. Inc. Within the framework of applicable laws and regulations, identification of environmental, occupational health and safety hazards, protection of the environment by preventing the danger at its source by making necessary risk analyzes and minimizing the situations that may endanger the environment, life and property, and environmental, occupational health and is the continuous improvement of security management systems.




The basic environmental policy and promises within the scope of Design, Production and Installation of Chemical Process Equipment as Team Engineering are as follows: 
• To be a pioneer for renewable energy resources practices, energy efficiency, reducing climate change, preventing environmental pollution, increasing and raising environmental awareness in line with our environmental goals,

• To follow the legal regulations during our activities and to develop our system according to the principle of continuous improvement,

• To ensure that every organization that we work with operates in line with our environmental policy,

• To minimize the impact on natural resources and the environment,

• To follow new technologies together with legal requirements for preventing pollution,

• To use the most advanced technologies available to protect the environment and not to pollute,

• To act according to the principle of continuous improvement.


As Team Engineering, while providing our services, it has set the primary goal of ensuring safe working conditions and completing the operations safely in all its activities. Within the framework of the OHS Management System, all operational activities will be effectively controlled to prevent personal injury, loss of life, damage to health and property and destruction of the environment. Our institution undertakes to make the necessary arrangements in all the services it provides in order to achieve the following objectives during the operations:

 • To ensure the safe operation of the services provided in accordance with national and international rules and practices,

• To achieve the "Zero Accident" target with the continuity of the operational development by analyzing the accidents, determining the root causes and ensuring the development of the procedures,

• To ensure continuous improvement of OHS management and OHS performance by preventing injuries and health deterioration,

 • To prevent physical injury and loss of life by providing compliance with health and safety rules, to provide the necessary personnel training,

• To evaluate the performance of the management and to keep the standards at the highest level by constantly updating the system,

• To take the necessary measures against all identified risks, evaluate the measures taken and make the necessary changes,

• Establishing an emergency response plan and having the necessary human resources and other equipment available at all times, revising and conducting planned / unplanned exercises, ensuring that all personnel participate in drills,

EKIP ENGINEERING CONTRACTING CONSTRUCTION KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. Inc. EMPLOYEES; With the spirit of working in a team and with their trust, love and respect for each other,

EKİP MÜHENDİSLİK TAAHHÜT İNŞAAT KİMYA SAN. VE TİC. Inc. will achieve superior and continuous successes in unity.

EKIP ENGINEERING TAAHHUT INSAAT KIMYA SAN. VE TİC. Inc. creating and maintaining continuity is the desire and responsibility of all employees, especially the top management.