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Solvent vapor from the reactor is transferred to the condenser through the vertical cooler column. By cooling with water in the condenser, the solvent is completely condensed and sent to the decanter. The condenser is cooled with water.





30 m2  cooling surface


4,5 Bar


3 Bar



150 OC



One of the systems that must be used in the industrial field is the condenser, the solvent vapor coming from the reactor and at high temperature must be cooled in a balanced way. Solvent condensation is carried out by the cooling process. in addition to the operating pressure of around 3 bar, this enormous system with a test pressure of 4.5 bar shows itself as a durable and useful model. The system, which has a large cooling surface of 30 square meters in total, shows itself as a very efficient and economical working system at the same time.

In a system that can work at a maximum of 150 degrees, the temperature should not exceed this limit. As for the steam and liquid temperature, it should be reminded that this specified figure is sufficient. The condenser, which has emerged in accordance with the principle of efficiency, has a water cooling system. Cooling systems used in reactors, power plants and similar systems are preferred as convenient and economical. The system, which uses a large surface area and accelerates cooling, presents itself as a model that is constantly being worked on.

One of the most humid considerations in the industry is time. If the cooling process is spread over time, Entropy does its job here, and the cooling process occurs in all areas. Thanks to the large surface systems used, it is possible to accelerate cooling and find easier-to-solve opportunities. Condensers, which appear as a thermal power plant component, have been revealing the latest point of cooling technology for years. As heat exchangers are used here, the necessity of these systems is always significantly manifested at the point of efficiency and time saving.

The entropy law in nature reveals an equilibrium mechanism with the interaction of hot and cold. It happens that products or elements that are hotter than usual cool down over time. When you make the surfaces wider, you may have the chance to accelerate the processes that multiply entropy. when the condenser works together with this logic, practical and advantageous cooling results come to the fore on larger surfaces. The methods used to take the latent heat in liquids or to convert steam into liquid have been effective and advantageous results for many years. Within a qualified technology used in the industrial field at today's standards, condensers have always shown themselves with permanent solutions.

What is a Condenser?

What is a condenser? It is necessary to look at the results of quality products by today's standards and the advantages of these products. these qualified condensers, also known as condensers, are notable for their properties of converting steam into liquid and reducing heat. The symbol of high performance and quality wherever it is used, our condenser product samples continue to meet your needs in the most efficient way in such matters. From a commercial point of view, our product range and the privileges we have created have continued to create practical solutions for people in all respects.

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It is always necessary to evaluate the quality materials used in refrigeration systems, especially for years. Both the qualified condensers used for insulation and the tasks undertaken by these materials have always yielded the expected results. The fact that the material included in the system as a gas emits heat and turns into a liquid state, of course, shows that the system here is working. Qualified product options, which also come across as a condensation and condensation method, must be used in many places in the industrial field.

In addition to the methods to prevent overheating, the advantages obtained by cooling are again demonstrated by the condenser range here. It is possible to see industrial product samples in different sizes and qualified structures in a better frame as condensers. The qualified system that provides cooling and especially converts the gas inlet to liquid has a very special place among the cooling systems for many years. Healthy and high-quality material options that people choose with confidence contribute significantly to their customers along with permanent solutions when the time comes.

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