Vacuum Units

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• Refrigerated vacuum trep tanks made of stainless 304 AISI material

• Working pressure -760 mmHg. up to

• Vacuum pressure can be adjusted.

Vacuum Units

Industrial vacuum units are devices that allow wet or dry materials to be collected in a certain area by attracting them through a pressure difference. In addition, these devices are also used in situations that require ambient cleaning and low or negative pressure. Vacuum machines are used especially in the packaging of food and similar products where negative pressure is required. The vacuuming process is carried out by absorbing the internal volume of the product to be packaged or applying negative pressure to the outside. 

The service life of the product is increased by vacuuming the internal air volume of the product to be packaged. Vacuum sealers may differ in function and operating principles. There are types of vacuum sealers such as dry vacuum pumps, water-based vacuum pumps, oil-based vacuum pumps. In addition, besides industrial vacuum machines, household vacuum machines are also available. As Ekip Engineering, we aim to follow the innovative innovations in this field and to serve our vacuum sealers in a way that adapts to current technological developments.