Hot Oil Boilers

Hot oil boilers are industrial heating systems that utilize high-temperature oil as a heat transfer medium. These boilers offer a versatile and efficient heating solution for a wide range of applications across various industries.

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EKIP ENGINEERING hot oil boilers are produced as an alternative to steam boilers in systems that require high temperature in the industry (leather, paper, textile, food, chemistry, paint etc.) and are used for this purpose.

It is produced in 8 different sizes between 250.000 Kcal / h and 5.000.000 Kcal / h as standard.

(It is possible to produce in the desired capacity depending on the customer request.)




• Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

• High quality and long life guarantee

• Heat transfer oil long life guarantee

• ST 37 quality certified material. Serpentine ST 35.8 quality certified steel drawn pipe

• 250.000 - 5.000.000 Kcal / h capacity

• Natural Gas, LPG or Fuel Oil burner according to preference

• 0 - 10 bar pressure and 0 - 300ºC temperature resistance

• Automatic control equipment for temperature, pressure and oil level

PLC automation option

• Since the closed system works with nitrogen support, there is no risk of burning or oxidation of the heat transfer oil.

• Refractory inside, isolation with rock wool outside