Scrubber Units

Scrubber units are air pollution control devices designed to remove harmful particulates and gases from industrial emissions. They operate by contacting the polluted gas stream with a scrubbing liquid, which absorbs the pollutants and removes them from the gas stream.



Scrubbers are systems that remove environmentally harmful gases, dust or particles from the processes before they are released into the atmosphere. System;

• Exhaust fan

• Spray tunnel

• Washing collection pool

• High pressure pump

• It consists of chemical dosing and control units.

Process gases; water-soluble toxic gases or acids (such as HCl ..), ammonia, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, sulfuric compounds, CO2. These are over the air with scrubber

they are effectively removed. A liquid, in which a suitable neutralization agent is added to the process, is usually sprayed into the air stream in the water, spray tunnel. In this way

gases and particles in the air are removed from the air by chemical reaction with water or by absorption. Supplementing with evaporating water, fresh water and chemicals

It is. The dirt and dust accumulated in the washing tank are periodically drained from the collection pool.



• High cleaning efficiency; 70% in fine dust, 80% in coarse dirt

Corrosion resistant material: AISI 304, 316, 316L

• Easy maintenance and assembly

• Dosing equipment, installation and automatic pH control for chemical addition

• Stainless high pressure pump

• Quality manufacturing