Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are structures used in various industrial plants and HVAC systems to provide cooling water by releasing heat into the atmosphere. These towers operate by evaporating a portion of the water, returning the remaining cooled water back to the system.



• Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

• High quality and long life guarantee

• ST 37 quality certified steel material or AISI 304 quality certified stainless steel material

• 250.000 - 5.000.000 Kcal / h capacity

• Special design, silent, static and dynamic fully balanced fan

• Minimum pumping pressure and long operating life thanks to the natural flow water distribution system

• Polystrene plastic filling material that provides maximum water-air contact

• Plastic eliminators designed to direct the air in the best way

• Air louvers are designed to regulate the air flow uniformly. It is easy to control and maintain.