Varnish Production Facilities

Varnish Production Facilities

What is Varnish?

It is a liquid solution used as a protective layer that prevents moisture, abrasion and rotting of wooden floors.

How Is Varnish Produced?

Classical varnish production begins with mixing of resin and oil. Then, the pure varnish created is dissolved with thinner to be spreadable. By dissolving thinner, resin and fat, each varnish is produced which can be applied on a wooden surface with a brush.

What Does Varnish Do?

The protective layer task is the most common feature of varnish. It is applied as a protector on wood. It also adds shine to wood, making long wooden items look like new for a long time. Another feature of varnish is that it is used as filling material due to its compatible structure with wood. Worn out wooden parts are repaired and filled with varnish.

What are Varnish Types?

There are varieties of varnish containing resin and oil in different proportions such as wood varnish, parquet varnish, filling varnish, cracking varnish, yacht varnish, dipping varnish.

How To Use Varnish?

Pure varnish, diluted with thinner, becomes brushable. It is applied to the desired area with the help of a brush. After drying, the protection power can be increased by applying varnish again.