Pilot Reactors

Pilot reactors are scaled-down versions of industrial reactors, serving as a critical bridge between laboratory research and large-scale production. These versatile tools enable researchers and engineers to test and optimize processes, gather valuable data, and de-risk scale-up, facilitating the efficient and cost-effective transition from lab-scale experiments to commercial manufacturing.




The Pilot Reactor Units we produce are a reduced version of a normal facility. Trial production can be done for R&D purposes. It enables the same production to be done in very small volumes before making high volume productions, thus, it is possible to develop formulas with low costs.


Pilot Reactor Units are produced between 100-500 lt capacities depending on the purpose and place of use, depending on the customer's request.




• Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

• High quality and long life guarantee

• AISI 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti quality, certified stainless steel material

• Coil or half pipe serpentine on the outer body, pull pipe inside

       heating and cooling from the coil

• 0 - 6 bar pressure and 0 - 300 ºC temperature resistance

• Mixer blades specially designed for the product, with breakwater or foam breaker

• Ex-proof applications in hazardous areas

• Speed ​​control option with inverter

• Precise weighing possibility with load cell

• With mechanical or soft packing

• Fully automatic, PLC controlled, operator panel