They Dissolve

Dissolvers are valuable tools for achieving efficient mixing and dissolution in various industrial applications. Their versatility, high shear mixing capabilities, and ease of use make them a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes, improve product quality, and achieve consistent results.

They Dissolver


• Design and manufacturing in accordance with international standards

• High quality and long life guarantee

• Stainless steel material with AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti quality certificate

• 1 - 10 m3 capacity

• Heating and cooling from jacket or half pipe coil in outer body

• High speed mixer and low speed scraper

• Inverter speed control

• Precise weighing possibility with load cell

• Specially designed scraper blades support the mixture, maximum discharge of the product and perfect heat exchange.


Dissolvers, where we have a utility model certificate, are used in the chemical industry. Various liquid and solid raw materials are mixed with special mixing blades. Heating and cooling is done with the jacket or serpentine on the outer body. Dissolver includes a high speed turbine type mixing disc and a low speed base and side surface scraper. In addition to enabling the product adhering to the inner surface of the tank to join the mixture again, it also supports the mixing process by directing the product that is directed to the edges to the mixing zone as a result of the high speed mixing. . The design of the scraper is effective in quickly emptying the tank with no residue. In addition, this design also contributes to the excellent heat exchange from the tank surface. With the help of the cutting force created by the turbine type disc, the product is mixed, wetted and homogeneous.