Plasticizer Plants

Plasticizer Plants


They are additives, which are generally composed of phthalates, which increase the flexibility, fluidity and durability of materials such as plastic, cement, concrete, panel, etc. to which they are added.

Plasticizers are based on polycarboxylic acid ester based on average chain length branched or reacted with linear aliphatic alcohols.  Plasticizers embed themselves in polymer chains, creating gaps between them. In this way, they significantly lower the glass transition temperatures (Tg) of plastics, making them softer. 

 The names of the plasticizer groups (phthalate, maleate, sebacate ...) come from the names of the dicarbosilic acids used (phthalic, maleic).  Depending on the desired characteristic and application, the alcohols used may also vary.

Ekip Mühendislik offers its customers facilities designed for different plasticizer productions. During the contract, after determining the plasticizer types to be produced, a facility is designed to allow easy transition between product groups.