Acrylic Sealant Plants

Acrylic Sealant Plants


Mastic putty is used as filling and bonding material. It is intended to be used as an adhesive and provides a seal. Sealant is a one-component, high-elastic substance with a polyurethane component, and its main feature is to provide expansion and sealing. It is also a material that hardens chemically and has a flowable structure. Mastic paste, which is a solvent-free, highly flexible material and resistant to all hard movements, is also resistant to UV rays, organic and inorganic acid and alkali, oils, fuels, many different chemical substances resistant sausage types unless there is too long contact. It is the material used in filling and insulation.

Mastic putty is used in both internal and external joints. Since the sealant has a high elastic structure, it is more suitable to use in areas where joint movement is more than normal and in joints made narrower than normal. It is also preferred in transportation works due to its high elastic structure. Mastic is used in tile, tile and marble joints, which are preferred in floor coverings, besides, they are preferred in wall and joinery joints, where pipe passes are located and in many similar areas

The Difference Between Sealant Paste and Silicone




Purpose of usage

It is Insulation and Bonding Material.

Filling and Bonding Material.

Place of use

PVC, Alm. Wooden Joinery, Bathtub,

Washbasin, Closet, Tiles and Ceramics,

Sound, water and dust insulation of vehicles,

PVC, Alm. In Woodwork, Repairing joints and small cracks, Sound, water and dust insulation of vehicles,


Transparent, White, Black, Gray, Coffee

White, Black, Gray, Coffee


50 g. – 70 g. – 310 ml.

100 g. – 200 g. – 310 ml. – 25 kg.

Paint Retention

Can not be painted.



When it dries, it does not lose its elasticity.

When it dries, it loses its elasticity.


It is antibacterial.

It is antibacterial.

Curing Time

5 minute

25 minute

Drying Time

4-8 hour

12-24 hour

UV Resistance

It is UV Resistant.

It is UV Resistant.


With Silicone Gun.

With Sealant Gun.


Expensive from mastic.

It is cheaper than silicone.