Adhesive, Coating, Gasket Polyurethane Plants

Adhesive, Coating, Gasket Polyurethane Plants


Adhesives are substances that allow the bonding and removal of objects on many different surfaces and on different materials.



Thermoplastic powder coating is a coating that melts without any chemical reaction when exposed to heat and surrounds the metal and hardens when it cools and gains mechanical and chemical resistance properties. Especially in industrial applications, almost all metals are coated with a coating material for reasons such as aesthetics, durability and safety before using. The most important purpose of the coating is to protect against corrosion. Anticorrosive paints / coatings or varnishes, such as liquid, powder, PVC or polyurethane, which are known on the market, offer poor protection and generally perform poorly, as well as emitting toxic fumes and solvent vapors to the environment. Metal fences, white goods, battery cases, handrails, city furniture, marine environments, automotive, construction projects, outdoor sports equipment, playground equipment, lighting poles, oil and gas pipelines, water pipes and fittings, fire extinguishers and cable channels are just a few of the application areas.



Thin and center hole piece, usually made of rubber, placed between two surfaces and compressed to prevent leakage of the liquid and to ensure its tightness.