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It is a type of oil used in machine parts and gears. The usage period of this oil type is very old. This oil is widely used in vehicle engines, cargo vehicles, motorcycles and tractors. Apart from this, grease is generally used in the industrial sector. This oil, which regulates the working system of the machines, provides less damage to the machines since it shows protective and damage preventing properties during friction.




Grease has been used since ancient times. It is among the oil additives. The grease, evaluated in oil additives, reaches the saturation point with heat and melts into a liquid. Grease is used in mechanical parts. Contains grease, mostly mineral oil and soap emulsion. Grease can be used at high temperatures, low temperatures or in areas where heavy loads are used. The grease used for the vehicles supports the cleaning of the mechanical parts. It provides longer service maintenance time and allows parts to run healthier and longer. Apart from this, it helps the vehicle to work more steadily by providing less oil. Thanks to the use of grease, abrasions are prevented. The parts become more compatible with each other.




   Among the grease oils, which have a wide range of uses, the most preferred; High Performance Grease that can be preferred in air, sea or on land. It provides excellent protection especially for parts operating under limit lubrication conditions. It is also ideally suited for applications in high pressure, high temperature and extreme temperature conditions. It performs superiorly from -40 degrees to 250 degrees. Although it is very resistant to humidity, it provides protection against rust and corrosion. It does not lose its properties in long term use and it extends the lubrication intervals significantly. It is resistant to water and oxidation.


White grease  

It is used in medium speeds, normal load, flat beds where the operating temperature is not too high. In the automotive field, it is used for the lubrication of mechanical parts.


Bearing grease  


 It is used for bearings up to 135 degrees in operating temperature, central lubrication systems and heavy load transportation. Bearing grease shows superior work in cold weather. It prevents the parts from freezing.


Red grease  

Red grease is used for lubrication on flat bearings of vehicles and factory machinery. It is generally used in chassis applications.  


Green rubber grease  

It is formulated with high quality base oils and soap oils. Working temperature can be up to 65 degrees. Grease is very effective, provides high performance and is important to use for vehicles. It helps to provide a real cleaning in the area where it is used and ensures that the area is protected from external factors (dust, friction damage etc.) thanks to proper lubrication of the area used.