Mineral Oil Plants

Mineral Oil Plants



Mineral oils are obtained by mixing various additives, which are selected according to the properties expected from the product, to base oils of different viscosity. Base oil is refined from the crude oil (the natural state of the oil when it is extracted from the soil).


Duties of Mineral Oils

Even on the surfaces of the most perfectly produced parts, complete smoothness and brightness cannot be achieved. There are very small indentations and protrusions on the surface called asperite, which can only be seen with a microscope. When two dry surfaces come into contact, these indentations and protrusions resist the movement of the surfaces. This resistance is called "friction". The main task of the lubricants is to reduce this friction between the surfaces, to form a film layer between the surfaces in contact with each other, to separate the two solid objects from each other and to ensure easy movement of the parts.

Obtaining Mineral Oils Mineral oils, one of the products obtained by processing crude oil in refineries, base oils, which are the raw material of mineral oils, are obtained by special processes again. oils are classified according to their viscosity. It is possible to obtain all mineral oils directly It is not. Mineral oils are selected for base oils with different viscosities and properties expected from the product, It is obtained by mixing various additives. Mineral oil of various brands and types are sold in the market. But the raw material of all mineral oils What is the difference between these oils since they are the same? There are two reasons for this:

1. Different chemical properties of base oils used

2. The type and amount of additives used are different

Classification of Mineral Oils Mineral base oils (TS 13369) are divided into three large groups in terms of their chemical structure:

1. Aliphatics:

a) Paraffinic

b) naphthenic

2. Aromatics

3. Aliphatics and Aromatics


   The choice of base oil is extremely important for oils to pass industry standards. Mineral oils produced from these base oils, which have very different chemical properties, show different properties. For this reason, base oils and synthetics required by standard and performance should be used in mineral oils.